Luray Caverns, Virginia

Shanthi Akka suggested that since I had covered 24 states in the US already, We should drive to Luray caverns in Virginia and cover another state. It was a long drive but it was interesting. We drove by the scenic skyline drive. 

The caves of Luray caverns are really impressive and well maintained. 

We also stopped at a farm house owned by one of Shanthi Akka's friend. It was a beautiful house very close to the woods. The place is isolated but it sure is peaceful out there. The US devotees of Divine park (A spiritual group from Udupi) were planning on arranging a Vishwamangala homma there when the Guru visits the US. 

We returned home for dinner. Shanthi Akka had prepared a lot of good food. We watched a Kannada movie called Mathadana before going to sleep.