Taos & The Great Sand Dunes

On the 12th of June, Sundar, Seb and I drove south, towards Taos, New Mexico. It was great to be on the road again. Driving has become a new craze and I enjoy it immensely. The drive was excellent, specially as we entered the state of New Mexico. 

The small town of Taos is very impressive. It has houses and buildings of similar style, with an earthen feel to it, perhaps inspired by the native American architecture. I understand that all the buildings in the town had to be built in similar style. We took a walk around the town centre and walked into little book and art stores. It was very peaceful there.

We next drove to an ashram called Neem Karoli Baba Ashram. A small room with a idol of hanuman in the centre. Some foreigners were chanting Hanuman chalis continuously. We sat there for a while. 

We next drove back to Colorado through a different route to get to the Great Sand Dunes. By the time we reached there, it was 3:30 PM. This place really took me by surprise. Surrounded by greenery and mountains, stood a heap of sand like a mini desert. It was very impressive.

We began our climb up the dunes. But it got terribly windy. We were able to climb only three fourth of the distance and then it became unbearable. The wind blew the sand violently at us. We decided to head back.

Just on the other side of the dunes, within a half mile walk is Zapata falls. It is a very impressive falls, falling right inside a cave like formation.

At around 7PM, we decided to head back. I was extremely tired and wanted to get back home at the earliest so, I drove really fast and reached home by 9 PM. It was a great day.