Another Week!

The trek had left a sense of achievement in me that lasted for a long time after the walk. It felt good. I told our funny story to friends at office and everyone had a good laugh while they also appreciated our courage and determination. 

Rest of the week, Sundar and I a few talks. We attended the Archeology group meet that Judy and her husband Bob are part of. Well, it was a gathering of a few old people with some talk and good food. We also visited another talk by a woman who had bicycled in Nepal. It was interesting. 

Sundar had his driving classes and I would drop him off there. I sat next to him during his skills training display. It was funny, as for all other kids, it was their parents sitting next to them. 

When ever I got chance, I would drive to Sai Mart to meet Nagendra. I stayed there, chatting with him, until he closed the shop. In a month, I would be heading back to India. I have made good friends here and I would miss a lot of things here but I was also missing India and I longed to return. 

One weekend, Seb, Sundar and I went to Denver to watch Hindi movie called Paheli. It was okay. We had a good buffet dinner at Woodlands restaurant. 

I also finished my first novel - Miasma. Its an amazing feeling because, I wrote this entirely in the US.