Sandia Peak, Albuquerque

Next morning (May 1st), we unwillingly bid farewell to the canyons and headed towards Albuquerque. 

Drive: Williams to Albuquerque.
Start: 8:15 Am (Arizona time)
Destination: Sandia Peak, NM.
Distance: 360 Miles
Expected Time: 5 hrs 11 Mins
Reached: 3:00 Pm (Colorado time) ie 2:00 pm Arizona time
Actual Time taken: 5 hrs 45 mins

At the small town of Albuquerque,  we took the cable car to the Sundia peak. It was interesting to see a lot of snow up on this mountain, in midst of a dessert. The view from the top was great.

We also wanted to visit a Meteor crater but then for some reason thought this would be a similar site and thus almost reached till the entrance and decided to head back.

The drive back was fun. It was snowing very badly in Colorado.

Drive: Sandia Peak to Colorado springs
Start: 5:00 Pm
Destination: Home
Distance: 385.98 Miles
Expected Time: 5 hr 30 mins
Reached: 11:00 PM
Actual Time taken: 6 Hrs. (Bad road condition, snow)