Atlanta, Georgia

For the memorial day long weekend we had different plans. Jonah, BJ and Seb went to Florida and I flew to Charlotte, North Carolina. I had planned to meet my friend Sandeep at Mocksville,  a small town about an hour's drive from Charlotte. I immensely enjoyed my flight. Flying out alone is a great feeling. I enjoyed capturing the beautiful views on my camera. 

At Charlotte, Sandeep came to pick me up. Sandeep is from Mangalore, so, I had a good time talking to him in Tulu. I do miss speaking in Tulu, a language I really like to speak in. We drove to Mocksville. Mocksville is a very small town and the downtown was not very crowded. It was neat and quiet out there. We spoke a lot and retired to bed only at around night. 

Next day, we drove to Myrtle beach at around 9 AM. The beach was very crowded. There were a lot of motor bikes roaring its way to the beach side. There was a street by the beach where a lot of people had gathered. The crowd, I would not say was a very interesting one. There was too much happening there. 

We headed to the water and it was a great experience to enjoy the waves. As I plunged into the water and as waves pushed me back, it felt amazing. 

From the beach, we drove directly to Augsuta, Georgia. Our colleague, Maruti lived there. He had cooked some delicious egg curry and sabji for dinner. Post dinner, we watched television until 2 AM. It had been an interesting day.