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Backpacking NZ : Day 21 (23-Dec-2016) 

Another City!

This definitely can be considered as one of the dullest days of this trip. I feel helpless and directionless in cities. Mountains, rivers and lakes had accompanied me wherever I went and suddenly, I was in middle of this concrete jungle. I am sure, if I stayed here longer, I might find a few good things to do but somehow I just want to remember NZ for the wonderful glimpses of nature it has to offer. 

The first half of the day, went by in travel form Rotorua to Auckland. The journey was ordinary. There were more farms and more pine trees. The driver again informed of how Dairy, Timber and tourism are the major sources of income in NZ and thus tourists are well respected here. 

Route - Rotorua to Auckland

I just had two days more to go before I would head back. II chose to spend the second half of the day shopping. To prevent carrying stuff all along, I had ignored shopping for so long so that I could buy them in Auckland. But I realised that this was a mistake. Auckland is filled with stores that sell international brands like Prada and Gucci. I was more looking for mountain jade and Local specialities. I was disappointed. Always make it a point to buy as you travel. After a walk around the city, I returned back to the hostel and cooked some dinner before going to bed.

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