Sunday, May 15, 2016

Universal Studio, Sentosa Island

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In the morning, we took metro to reach Vivo city and then from there took the Sentosa express to reach the island. You can also take a ropeway or walk on the boardwalk. Senatosa island is filled with theme parks, rides and things to do. But most of it is all artificial. If you have enough money, you can buy tickets to almost every attraction in the island and can spend days there. We only choose to do the universal studio. 

The themed rides are interesting. I specially enjoyed the Transformers. It is spectacular. Also the show directed by Steven Spielberg called - Light sound camera is interesting. The Water world show was exciting too and was comparable to the one I had seen in LA. However, one thing to note is that the universal studio in Singapore is toned down from the original in LA. The rides are less scarier perhaps for kids. Specially the Mummy ride and Jurassic park was very scary in the US but here it isn’t that very impressive. Nevertheless, a day can be easily spent in this place. 

One interesting observation as that every queue had water fountains. That I found very thoughtful. 

In the evening, we took the boardwalk back to Vivo city mrt station. On our way back we stopped to watch the crane dance show. It was impressive. 

Just where we stopped at the board walk, we saw a dance class performing in public. The teacher was playing loud music and dancing to it while the students, all women, followed her. It was interesting to see such classes in public. 

While retuning back, we passed by a small shop that sold art material. I walked in and found some black sketch pens of different nib sizes and a sketch book with an intention of starting Urban sketch. 

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  2. Perhaps nothing could be more blissful than travel! Good pictures and an insightful post


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