Sunday, May 15, 2016

Singapore Zoo & Night Safari

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Day-05 (Contd...) 03-May-2016

After our refreshing trek at MacRitchie reservoir, our next stop was the zoo. We changed two buses from where we were and got there within an hour. We bought our tickets to the zoo and the Night safari. If you intend to do all four parks, then you get a discount - Zoo, Night safari, River Safari and Bird park. Out of these, the bird park is in a totally different direction, about an hours drive away but can be done on a separate day. We skipped River Safari and bought the tickets for the other two. 

Zoo is ordinary but the only surprising thing was that most of the animals were in an open. Thats is, there were no glass or metal cages separating us. If the animals wanted, they could easily charge at us but they did not. Perhaps there are electric fencing or other technique to prevent that from happening. 

There are a few shows at the zoo that is worth a stop. We watched the elephant at work and a show called splash with sea lions. Another for kids with cats and dogs was rather unimpressive.

A variety of monkeys were very playful and seemed to steal the show. 

The night safari is worth a visit. It is the only one in the world. A guided tram tour takes you around the zoo in the night as the animals stop to stare at you. Again, the experience is amazing as you get to watch them closely without any fence. I did not click any pictures at the night safari due to the dim setting but its a must do while you are in Singapore.

We tried a Mexican restaurant near our hotel for dinner. It was good. But the Kaya toast we had at the zoo was very tasty. Kaya is a jam made of egg yolk and coconut with a flavour of Pandan leaves. It is very nicely textured and not heavily sweetened like a jam. I bet if you try it once it would be hard to set it aside. For Lacto-ova vegetarians this could be an easy snack while traveling in Singapore and is easily available anywhere. 

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