Saturday, May 14, 2016

Colonial district, Marina bay & the quays

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Day-04... 02-May-2016

On this day, we decided to explore the Colonial district, Marina bay and the quays. While we were waiting at the bus stop, an old lady came to me and asked me if I could give her a dollar. She seemed pretty normal so, I was confused of why she was requesting. I asked her why would she want that and she indicated through hand signals that she wanted to eat. I searched my wallet and found two dollars. She took it and told - "Bye bye" and left. I realised that I had just paid Rs100 for a beggar in Singapore. 

We followed the Lonely planet guided route in the colonial district. We took a bus to the Raffles hotel. We did not go in but instead walked to St Andrew’s cathedral. It is a very impressive architecture. A few devotees were silently praying inside. 

We walked by the National gallery Singapore and the new supreme court. The view of the magnificent Marina bay sands was catching all the attention with its boat like structure on the top. 

We reached Victoria theatre and concert hall. Here, a group of youngsters had gathered and they had dressed up in some spooky getup for a photo shoot. At the information desk, I was told that on holidays, people booked the venue to conduct pre-wedding shoots or such photo shoots. 

Outside the concert hall there were a few impressive art work in the garden. 

We walked by boat quay that is filled with beautiful restaurants by the river. However, on this day most of it was closed on occasion of a national holiday following labour day. 

On this walkway there are a few excellent sculptures including Fernando Botero’s bird and Salvador Dali’s homage to Newton. I was happy to see another surrealistic work on Dali. 

We walked up to the iconic merlion statue which was crowded as expected.

Next stop Esplanade. There are a few free events happening here. So, its worth checking the schedules. 

We walked the marina promenade to reach Marina bay sands. This is an interesting building with a museum, casino, shops and a hotel all in one place. We headed to the art and science museum to catch the latest trending digital light show called Future world. It is a fusion between art and science. Truly a very impressive show with several interactive exhibits. It was a new form of art that brilliantly integrated technology. There was one exhibit were you paint something and scan it to appear on the screen. 

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