Saturday, May 14, 2016

MacRitchie Reservoir

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Day-05... 03-May-2016

This morning, my agenda included one main task, to find a post office. I must have started this from my backpacking in Sri Lanka or during my visit to Hong Kong. But, better late than never. I have decided to send a few postcards to family and friends every time I visit a new country. I had hand picked a few of them who I know would appreciate such a thought. And for me, it is an interesting experience to find a way to get my postcards out of the country I am in. However, in a country like Singapore it was not that adventurous but, I must say that it was exciting. 

The nearest post office was only 400 meters away from my hotel. When I got there and the lady at the counter informed me that the price of the stamp for any country would be the same - 60 Cents. I bought them and dropped the postcards in the post box. Another new habit had been started and another fascinating act would make my travels more meaningful and adventurous. 

Our plan for this day was to trek in the MacRitchie reservoir until noon and then head to the zoo.  We took an entry into the reservoir from the Lornie road. At this part of the trail, on one side is a golf resort. The trails are well marked so it isn’t very tough to get around at all. We had to reach the tree top walk which is a main attraction here and it was 3.6 kms away. The walk was easy. A handful of trekkers were in the park that day.  It was surprising to see so much greenery and untouched forest in the middle of a concert jungle. 

There was a rest area near the tree top walk where Preethi decided to rest and I took off on the short trail of around 2.5 kms. As you climb uphill you get to the main entrance of the tree top walk. At the checkpoint due to the guard shift change, the booth was empty except for a few macaques at play. They had turned the booth into a mess. The suspension bridge was fun as it looks over the reservoir. 

From the tree top walk entrance, the easiest exit would be through island club to venus drive. Though it is easily another 2.5 kms.  You could also choose to complete the 11km loop of the reservoir and exit where you started. 

We headed to the exit at venus drive. It was a very refreshing walk into the wilderness in the middle of the city. I think it was a total of 9km trek for me including the tree top walk. 

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