Saturday, May 14, 2016

Gardens By The Bay

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Day-04 (Contd…) 02-May-2016

We headed to the Gardens by the bay which is a very creative garden. The main attraction is the supertree - steel structures in shape of a tree filled with plants along its height. They glow with fancy lighting in the night creating a spectacular sight. The garden is free but the two domes are paid. The flower dome has possibly a collection of every flower on earth and the other one, cloud forest has a tropical montane climate setup. The Tulip show at the flower dome was a show stopper. Here are few impressions.

And while returning back that night, we watched the marina bay sands and rest of the buildings in the city lit up. The light and sound show at the marina bay sands was impressive. (At 8PM and 9:30PM). We saw two couples doing their pre-wedding shoot with the backdrop of formidable city lightings.

Another interesting observation was that a group of youngsters and picked a basement area near the Esplanade MRT station to practice some hip hop or other dance forms. It was nice to watch them perform in public area. 

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