Hampta Pass Trek - Day 02

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Day 02: 03-Oct-2022

Route: Chikka (3075m / 10090ft) To Balu Ka Ghera (3678m /12000 ft)

Distance: 8km (5H)

I woke up at 5AM. It wasn't a good sleep. I had woken up a couple of times before. My body was yet to get used to the conditions - The cold and the tent. 

I walked to the Rani Nallah flowing next to the tent and sat there for hours. It was peaceful. I also filmed an introduction for my. vlog. 

One by one, my co-trekkers began to wake up and get ready. For breakfast, we were served Aloo paratha and corn flakes. At 8:30 AM, we left the campsite and continued our walk towards Balu ka Ghera. 

Our guide Jeevan, had forgotten his cellphone at the camp. So after having come a kilometre, he ran back to collect it. He was back in a jiffy. 

The views were brilliant. We passed by waterfalls, meadows and headed towards the snow-capped mountains, visible at a distance. One of the highlights of this trek is the stream crossing. The water is generally very cold. As it was midday, it wasn't that bad for me. Some however felt it to be difficult.  

One of the things I disapprove of during a trek, is people playing loud music on speakers. While in such idyllic setting, instead of enjoying the chirping of birds, burbling of streams, why would I want to hear to some instrument? Why should I listen to some words that shall carry me away from the beautiful view being experienced. Even if people want to listen to music, they can do that on their own, without disturbing the others. But, there were a few who carried loud speakers. I had to distance myself from them.

We stopped for lunch a little before noon. Pulav had been packed in our lunch boxes. It was dry but reasonably tasty. 

We reached Balu ka Ghera at around 2:30 PM. The campsite is set in a valley, the by the river and has great views of the snow-capped mountains. 

I picked a good spot and began to sketch. But I had to stop when it began to drizzle. There was a light hailstorm too. The weather in the Himalayas can change anytime and one needs to be prepared. 

We assembled at the Dinning tent and began to play card games.    Bharath, Ayush and Adarsh are preparing for the civil services exams. Adarsh had got into the Forest department and will be appointed soon. While Ayush who hails from Rajasthan is in his mid twenties, the other two are in their mid-thirties. Given their background, they were quite interesting to converse with. 

Bharath, who hails from Uttarakhand, taught us how to play UNO. We all enjoyed this particular game called Mind f*ck. It involved some thinking. Shreyas, an engineer from Bangalore, performed some card tricks. He was really good at it. He was trekking with his cousin Swathi and another trekker named Naveen. Shreyas and Naveen had met during a previous trek. Naveen who also hails from Bangalore, was joined by his friend, who was also named Naveen. 

It was terribly cold outside, so, we had to stay in the tent. In between, we also learnt that the campsite were filled with rats. Many worried that it would enter the tents. 

For dinner we had roti, sabji, rice and Dal. For dessert we were served some tasty Gajar ka halwaSoon after dinner, I hit the bed. A long walk had tried my body enough enough and I almost immediately fell asleep. I soon forgot about the rats and lightly snored my way to a deep sleep. 

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