Goecha La Trek Day 08

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Day 08: 23-April-2022

Route: Tsokha (2960 m/9700 ft) To Yuksom (1710 m/5600 ft)

Distance: 15km (6H)

Mornings in Tsokha are spectacular. I walked to the nearby hill to capture some views. 

At the camp, a yellow billed blue magpie did not mind my close proximity. It had been my subject of sketching when I had arrived in Tsokha a few days ago. 

We had an outdoor breakfast. The chef prepared our favourite wheat pancakes. After breakfast, we thanked our cook Bhir Kumar, Helper Abhishek and the mule-man. A small tip, as a token of appreciation for their hospitality was offered before leaving.

At around 8:10AM, we left Tsokha and headed towards Yuksom. The last day of trek was boring and tiring. There was nothing new. It was the same route back. We bid a farewell to the Rhododendron flowers. 

We reached Sachen at 11AM and had our lunch there. I was tired, but I kept walking without a stop. I knew that if I stopped, It would be difficult to catchup with that rhythm again. So, though slow, I kept walking. We reached Yuksom at around 2PM. 

At the homestay, we freshened up - A bath after 7 days. And had some much needed tea. 

After that, Shubam and I went for a walk in the town. I bought some Cardamom from a local store. We stopped at one of the restaurants called Traditional inn for some momos and Rhododendron wine. Siddhanth who was staying in a hotel near the restaurant joined us. It was a good time to reflect upon the experience over some good wine and tasty hot momos. The trek had left a sense of tranquility in us and we remained in the moment.

At hostel, we ordered Chang - A Nepalese drink made of fermented millet. Semi-fermented seeds of millet are served, stuffed in a barrel of bamboo called a dhungro. Boiling water is then poured in and sipped through a narrow-bore bamboo tube called a pipsing.  This has been a great team. We got along well with each other and there had been no conflicts. Therefore, we had a good reason to celebrate on our last evening together. 

Ram joined us too. After dinner, I insisted on him taking us on a walk around the town. Yuksom centre is a small road with few shops. He talked about his childhood and showed us some of the important places. We met other settlers who were eager to converse with us. 

Back at the homestay, It was time to go to bed. Our shared taxi was booked for 7AM next morning. Finally, after 8 days, we slept on a bed. I am not going to lie, It felt good. But not only because of the cushion but also because of the lightness I felt in my head. 

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  1. Interesting experience. I envy you. I have a question. Is down-hill trekking is easier? You went from 9700 feet altitude to 5600 feet altitude.

    1. Thanks. Hope I have motivated you to start trekking. I particularly find climbing easier. During downhill, the load is mostly on knee and ankle. Also, the descent is not always all downhill. The trail keeps moving up and down the hills as you cross one to another.


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