Goecha La Trek Day 07

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Day 07: 22-April-2022

Route: Kokchurang (3757 m/12,000 ft) To Tsokha (2960 m/9700 ft)

Distance: 18km (6H)

Mist-covered Kokchurang looked dreamy when I woke up. I went upto Prek Chu river. The view from there was spectacular. 

We left Kokchurang at around 7:45 AM. The day’s trek was slightly boring. It was a long walk of 18km till Tsokha. We were avoiding a steep climb to Dzongri and taking a different route along the forest, with a gradual climb to Phedang. 

We reached Pedhang at around 11:30 AM and decided to have lunch there. I also ordered a coffee at the shelter. There was a lady running the store. Group B and Adventura trekkers joined us there. 

On my way to Tsokha, I met a French couple. It was great speaking to them in French. The trail as covered with mist and resembled a fantasy movie set. 

By 2PM we reached Tsokha that was bathing in mist as well. Hot Maggie was served. Maggie tastes much better in the mountains, than in the plains. 

Since there was network available, we caught up on some of the updates. But I did not feel like staying connected to the rest of the world for long. After some immediate tasks were complete, I put the cellphone away and we went for a walk. Subham, Bish and I had some good conversation summarising the experience. 

For me personally, this trek has left an ever lasting impression. I knew that something had changed in me but I wasn't sure what it was at that moment. However, I could sense that I felt different. Living in the mountains for so long and being away from everything known, was a rewarding experience and I realised that simplicity and minimalism is the way forward for me. Minimalism, not just in terms of possessions, but also in many other aspects of life including speech, practices and attachments. 

For dinner, our cook Bhir Kumar had prepared paneer, dhal, roti and rice. There was salad and a special cake too. The cake was baked without an oven, using a pressure cooker and sand. It was a kind gesture by the staff on our last dinner on the trek. 

Here is the second part of the vlog - Dzongri to Goecha La Viewpoint and Back. 

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