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Backpacking TN - Day-04 (Contd...)

Thanjavur seemed a bit crowded and noisy to me when I got off the bus. I somehow picked a fairly descent hotel and checked in. After lunch, I walked to the palace. The museum there is impressive. The sculptures in display are amazing. Specially, those of Nataraja - The king of dance.

I then headed to the Brihadisvara temple. What a magnificent work of art it is. I enjoyed studying the intricate design. I think these pictures could speak for themselves while my words would only fail in describing its beauty.

Of course one cannot help imagining how vibrant this place would have been during the times of the Cholas. I imagined a group of dancers performing Bharatanatyam on the main mantapa and a gathering in front of them appreciating the performance. How thrilling it must have been.

In this town, the temple complex seems to be the place where the tired souls gather in the evenings, to relax and find some peace in this mad, busy world. Along with them, I spent about 3 hours sitting and admiring the beautiful temple architecture; until the sun went down and the sky turned blue and eventually black and the stars began to appear, one after another. I felt really happy!

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