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Backpacking France & Spain: Day 07 (12-Dec-2017)

Vieux Port

L'auberge de jeunesse served free breakfast in the morning. There was nobody in the dinning room. I picked baguette and cereals and sat down to eat. The view was excellent but this place is very dull. 

I had booked my train to Marseille at around 2PM. I had walked into the train station last evening to book my ticket. After all the role plays I enacted in my French class to book train tickets had come of great use. I decided to head to the town early so, I left the hostel at around 11. Since I had explored most of the town the previous evening, I directly headed to the train station and sat there waiting for my train to arrive. I had some tasty Madeleine while waiting.

There are rigorous checks at train stations these days perhaps due to the recent terror attacks in the country. I passed that and waited at the platform for the train to arrive. 

The train ride was short, less than an hour and from the main station at Marseille, I rode in metro to arrive at Vieux-Port. As I walked out of the underground metro station, I was totally impressed with the view that welcomed me. Marseille looked spectacular. On my right, several boats were anchored. On my left, beautiful buildings stood tall and in front of me, along the footpath by the harbour, a street musician played guitar. I took an instant liking for this place.

The hostel - Vertigo Vieux Port is simply beautiful. The dorms are a duplex room with the Bathroom, toilet and storage in the lower level and 4 beds in the upper. A skylight gave this room an attic like feel. 

I stepped out to view the sunset and beautifully lit city. A Christmas market was set next to the port. Families gathered there to click pictures with Santa Clause, try joy rides and buy some local products. I fell in love with Marseille. 

For dinner, I tried a Tunisian food. The server/Owner helped me in naming the wide variety of sweet dishes they had. I tried some couscous with vegetables for main course and dry fruit rich sweets for dessert (Similar to Baklava) . A mint tea was very refreshing. 

I walked around a bit and then kissed good night to one of my new favourite cites and headed back to my cosy dorm to catch some sleep. Though, I did not do much, the day seemed long and eventful. Moving from one town to another makes me feel so. I was glad that I was going to relax in this city for three days. I had enough time to explore Marseille and also relax. 

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