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Backpacking France & Spain: Day 11 (16-Dec-2017)

La Cité

While researching places around Montpellier, I had seen the beautiful pictures of the citadel in Carcassonne and had since then wanted to go there. I booked an early morning train from Montpeiller. It was easy to just cross the street to get to the main railway station. At the station, while waiting for my train, I walked into a nice store selling interesting food. I bought a pack of assorted caramel and some Navattes - Almond biscuits for my journey. I had also packed some soft Viennoise bread, tomatoes and onions for lunch. 

La cité is the main attraction in the small town of Carcassonne hence it is easy to spot it as you enter the town. At about a kilometre from the town centre, on a hill, the citadel from the Galo-Roman times stood tall. I must tell you that this journey inside the castle took me back in time. The cobblestone pathways and ancient structures looked beautiful and I imagined life here in the olden days. In those old buildings, shopkeepers awaited for tourists to pour in and purchase the products in display. Words may not be necessary to explain the beauty of this place. These pictures can speak for themselves. 

The old bridge that connects the citadel with the town is very impressive as well. 

I walked back to the town centre and explored the narrow streets. One of the bars had put up a lively Spanish music performance on the street. Very close to the border, there was already the influence of the vibrant neighbours. 

As there was nothing much to do, I walked back to the station and bought a ticket to Narbonne, another town on the way back to Montpellier. This town seemed unusually deserted. I walked to the famous cathedral. 

I took the narrow streets to reach the town center where there seemed to be a lot of action. Christmas market was set, families had gathered to view the exbhits and enjoy the rides for children. A small zoo was set with farm animals in display. A puppet ride appeared to be the main attraction.

I returned back to the hostel as I had bad cold and hence decided to go to bed early.

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