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Backpacking NZ : Day 17 (19-Dec-2016) 

Back To Lakes & Mountains

I took a local bus to the train station. The locals, all suited up were heading to work. I liked how everyone thanked the driver when they got off. I rarely see such a gesture in India. Perhaps, we feel that, but never express it. I would like to do that more often. I mean, not to over do it but just thank someone if I genuinely feel that they have made a difference. It works like wonder isn’t it? Just to make someone feel good about themselves! In India, we are rarely brought up to do that. Most of our emotions are left unexpressed, specially when it comes to strangers. 

I missed a stop and got down at the next. Watched two cranes tear apart buildings. Cities! Thank God, I am heading to the wild again.

My bus ride from Wellington to Taupo was pleasant. We stopped at a small cafĂ© on the way. I had one of the best vegetarian soups there. 

I was happy to see the mountains and lakes back in the landscape. I had missed them and tall buildings are no way a match to them. The landscape was different from that of the South Island. It appeared more volcanic in nature.

At Taupo, the first thing I did was to confirm my pick up time for next morning by Tongariro expeditions. They would drop me off at the beginning of Alpine crossing trek. I was super excited about my next trek. Julie had suggested me this trek. So had the French guy I had met at Stewart Island. I looked forward to this experience.

Route - Wellington - Taupo.

YHA at Taupo is below the regular standard. It is a tie up with a local hostel called Flying Jack’s and thus does not have the excellent facilities that other YHA hostels have. Specially, the kitchen, that is very cramped and was extremely crowded when I entered. 

I dropped my bags off at my room, that I shared with three German boys and left on my long walk to Huka falls. I had no time to waste anywhere. I was on a tight schedule and I wanted to see as much as I could in that duration. 

On my way, I watched people do bungy jump. I stopped at Spa Park -  A natural hot water pool that is open 24 hours and is free for public. That place was filled with people taking a hot pool bath. I wet my foot to feel the hotness. Relaxed my tiring legs a bit and continued my walk to Huka falls. 

I loved the water fall. As the green water approached the fall, it turned sky blue in colour and then having traveled some distance it turned green back again. I loved to note that transformation in colour. 

Back in the hostel, after finding myself some space in the crowded kitchen, I cooked my dinner and straight away went to bed. I had a long day to look forward to. I would have to be ready at 5:20 AM next day. 

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  1. Color of water is interesting and so is the force. Nice pictures.


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