Le Côte Coloré - 2

Le Côte Coloré grew to its second instalment at Vishwalaya ashram (Off Kanakpura road), an orphanage that our company supports on 16th October. We clubbed Theatre and art workshop together. While Sandeep and his friend Havish took up the responsibilities of the theatre workshop, Tejas and I indulged ourselves in the art workshop. 

We were at the Ashram at around 10 AM. Kids from the neighbouring village joined in so there was a huge crowd of around 40 kids. It was a little hard to manage but my previous experience at Badeladaku Village  helped me stay prepared and expect a certain euphoria. For about 2 hours we enjoyed drawing, painting and creating art. Everyone as expected, were all excited and enthusiastic; yearning for more knowledge. Overall another satisfying experience!