Kumara Parvatha Trek - Day 02

I Continue From Kumara Parvatha Trek - Day 01

Only thing best to falling asleep in a mountain is to wake up in one. The morning was very pleasant and the wind had subsided. We freshened up quickly, collected enough water that was required for the rest of the journey and wasting no more time, we started off to the summit of Kumara Parvatha (At 7:00AM). Our plan for the day was to climb the peak and then descend towards Coorg to a check post at Bidadhalli not later than 3:45PM, because that’s when the only bus leaves from the village to Somwarpet.

The hike up to the peak was fun with several false peaks becoming a point of confusion. First was Bathadarashi, next Kall Gudde, next Shesha parvatha and next Pushpagiri. Wait a minute…we were expecting Kumara Paravatha, right? So why does the peak have a board saying Pushpagiri peak – 0Kms. Anyways…after some exploration at the top, we noticed the Shiva Linga and other small shrines that confirmed that we were at KP. But anyway… the Pushpagiri – KP confusion still exist, well we are happy to convince ourselves that both are names for same peak from either districts.

The last stretch to the peak was a little dangerous with slippery rocks. We relaxed at the peak for a while; a guy from another group had lost his friends and also the way to return. Sharing with him some food and water, we showed him the way back to Bhatra house.

A little disappointment was the mist, due to which we did not get a clear view from the peak. At around 10:40 AM we headed back towards Bidadhalli which was 7Kms from the peak. Climbing down huge slippery rocks that separated the trail was a challenge. Getting down was faster though. On our way, we met the lost friends of the guy we had met at the peak who by mistake had climbed down the wrong route and were lost too. We told them that they could find their friend at Bhatra house.

We reached Bidadhalli check post at around 2:00 PM. But the next walk of around 5kms to the main road on a paved route was boring and tiring as we had already convinced ourselves that the trek was over. We reached the bus stop at around 3:15 PM and had packed chapatis for lunch. The bus arrived on time and we drove to Somwarpet. A lady (villager) sitting next to me was very curious to know about our adventures and expressed her interest to do the same but she said she was scared.

From Somwarpet we boarded a bus to Kushalnagar where we had dinner at Shanti hotel run by Muslims. Delicious Biryani and special tea filled our stomachs. Next was another bus journey to Mysore and then another to Bangalore.

Kumara Parvatha trek was amazing and adventurous with many interesting incidents and events. Most of all, the group was amazing with everyone in sync with one another. Kumara Parvatha is one of the best treks I have done so far.


  1. Sounds like a beautiful day on a wonderful trek!

  2. Yes, they are indeed the same peaks!:P

  3. Beautiful. I had attempted to trek this with my friends few years back. But as we did not plan is properly, we could reach only half the ways up. But what I saw from that that point was also awesome.

  4. Hmmm really nice..d trek & d way u express it..

  5. Great posts on KP! The level of detail is very good...

    Even I wrote about my trekking experience on my blog - http://www.beontheroad.com/2009/12/kumaraparvatha-trek-karnataka-india.html

    If you are interested in exchanging links on our travel blogs, feel free to email me at sankara dot cs at gmail dot com



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