Wadi Rum To Aqaba


Backpacking Jordan: Day 010 (24-April-2024)

Desert to Sea

It was a lazy morning. I did not want to get up from the bed and go watch the sunrise. I was lying for a long time. The guide had taken his bed 100meter away from the cave ands sleeping under the sky with his blanket covering his entire body. 

Our cook had woken up early. He was preparing the breakfast. He heated the pita bread one by one and prepared some tasty vegetarian curry. Our driver Mohammed arrived to pick us up. All of us had a good breakfast. 

Before leaving, I said goodbye to everyone – Specially the old French Doctor and asked him when he would visit India again. He had no answer. Though we had spent just a night, I felt a connection with this group. I tipped the cook before leaving. He seemed happy. 

As the jeep made its way towards the village, I felt the desert drift away from me. I was conquered by a mixed emotion. There was a sense of fulfilment due to the experience but also a slight disappointment to part from it. 

We reached the office and freshened up. The group with Colorado girls and the sisters arrived in sometime. The couple from France whose sister lives in Amman were looking for a ride till Aqaba and Jose offered to help them. So, they came along with us. Their sister headed back to Amman in her vehicle. 

On our way to Aqaba, we discussed a few matters including Indian politics. I spoke about the situation and confirmed that I have strong faith in the Indian people who will always react when needed. 

We dropped them off at the car rental office in Aqaba airport. Jose was really angry after they left. He could not believe that the sister had a car and she had not dropped them off at Aqaba which was just an hour’s drive from Wadi Rum. He was so mad at the sister for behaving that way. 

We continued our drive to Aqaba town. Hakaia Community hostel is in the city centre and is supposedly the best hostel in the city. It is situated at a walkable distance from the beach. The place is run by two brothers. They also have a cute little black and white cat named Calado. Calado in Portuguese means silent. He always wants to be cuddled. 

At the dorm, I met Michael from USA, Alondra from Mexico (but now lives in Sweden) and her Jordanian Friend Dawsar. 

Jose had booked diving sessions. The instructor came to pick him up. I decided to join him. The instructor told us that the tanker, a ship and a plane were drowned in the middle of the sea. Apparently, diving here is cheaper. While Jose went to dive, I relaxed in the South beach. He had picked two spots to dive in. The beach was less crowded and seemed a bit boring. 

Back at the hostel, we relaxed for some time before heading out for dinner. Michael joined us. We took a walk by the beach first. Aqaba reminds me of Goa. The vibes are the same. Locals had gathered by the beach. 

For dinner, we tried the Ali Baba restaurant. I had a vegetable curry with rice for a change. Another long day thus came to an end. In a single day, I had left the desert and reached the Red Sea. 

Jordan Roadtrip Day 06:  Wadi Rum -> Aqaba (70KM)

To be Continued...