Savandurga Sunrise Trek

I have been trekking to Savandurga since several years now. But  I was never able to do a sunrise trek there. This time, I made sure to leave home by 3:30AM and reach the base at around 5AM. There were two groups who had just arrived. But as some of them were slow, I overtook them and got way past the other trekkers. 

It was pitch dark in some stretches and I was all alone. Such situations put your fears to test. The cold wind was blowing softly and I continued my walk holding a flash light. I have done this trek so many times now that I have lost a count of it. 

When I reached the summit, it was just me there. For almost one hour, I was the only person at the summit. I had the almond milk tea that I had carried in a flask and ate some Theplas. I sat there watching the sun rise for a long time. It was truly one of those few magical moments that one experiences in a life time. The kind that makes your eyes go moist with pure joy. I was filled with nothing but joy as I sat there and watched the sunrise. 

On my way back, I stopped at Palaksha's store and bought some farm fresh vegetables and fruits. I also had my breakfast (Idly) there.

Here is my Video of this trek: