Visiting home

A few days back, I visited my hometown. The rains had brought back greenery and the barren fields in front of my house had come alive. A jog by the beach is something I never miss when I am there. 

As my sister and family were visiting from the US, we planned a drive on a Saturday. We decided to visit Sringeri. On the way, we stopped at Sirimane falls and Kigga temple. 

Sringeri was crowded. After the temple visit, we availed the free lunch served at the temple. 

During our return journey, we stopped at Karkala. We climbed the hill on top of which there is a Gomateshwara statue. We also visited the Chaturmukha Jaina basadi as well. 

At sunset, we reached Sasihitlu beach and sat by the sea enjoying the breeze.