Six months ago, 20 African cheetahs were flown to India from Namibia. This is part of the plan to reintroduce cheetah population in India. Sasha, a 5 year old cheetah died on the 27th of March 2023 in Kuno National Park in Madya Pradesh. She suffered from kidney failure. 

I see transporting animals no less a crime than enslavement of Africans by the colonisers. Man considers himself so powerful that he now decides where animals should live and where not. Therefore, I wanted to immortalise her through my painting. That way, she will always live, to remind man of the atrocities he commits on animals. Here is my painting of Sasha. 

I continued this painting mood with another work - Oggy and the cockroaches. I made this for a friend of mine, whom I shall meet next week. I enjoy painting cartoons. It is all about basic colours, uncomplicated shades and extreme alterness to maintain neatness. 

The mango season is here. I bought some raw mangos to make some pickle. I had learnt my mother's recipe last year while making it along with her. I also made some tasty Mango Thokku

The experiments with cooking continued with the home-grown tomatoes too. I made some sun-dried tomatoes as well. 

Well, it has been a productive month and I am all set to take a break. The academic year at school has ended and I have a month long vacation. I am taking a weekend off from the university and heading to the mountains on Monday. So more stories to follow soon. Until then, Ciao!