T Narsipura

After returning to Bangalore, I caught up with some of my friends. It is interesting note that as our friendships age, we get comfortable sharing so many of our personal thoughts with our friends. As we undergo similar experiences of life, we are able to relate to one another better. 

I continued my spirit of trekking though. On the 15th Of May, I climbed Savandurga again, but this time with a traveller friend. During this trek, I spotted an Egyptian vulture at the summit. 

My mother and niece visited us for three days. During which, we tried some of the food joints nearby. The area where I love is known for popular food joints that have been functioning since ages. 

I then drove them to Mysuru where my eldest sister lives. On Saturday, the 21st of May, we went to Chamundi hills in the morning. 

Later that morning, we drove to T Narsipura. (Tirumakudal Narsipura). Our first stop was at Agastheswara temple located at the confluence of river Kabini, Kaveri and Spatika sarovara (A mythical lake or crying also named Gupta Gamini). It is said that Saint Agastya sanctified this temple. The temple was closed. We crossed the Sangama by a coracle. 

On the other side of the river is Gunja Narasimha Swamy temple built during the Vijayanagara period. 

Next stop - Tripurasundari Amma temple at Muguru. The temple architect is impressive. 

From here, we continued our drive to Shivanasamudra. We headed to Gaganachukki falls. We picked a place near the parking lot and setup a small picnic to eat our packed lunch. 

I drove back to Bangalore on Sunday the 22nd. Bangalore-Mysuru highway is being widened and therefore there are some congestions here and there, but soon we should be having a smooth and quicker drive to Mysuru.