Goecha La Trek Day 05

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Day 05: 20-April-2022

Route: Thansing (3704 m/12152 ft) To Lamuney (4150 m/13700 ft)

Distance: 4km (2H)

When I woke up, I was pleasantly surprised by the view from the campsite. The sky had cleared and the Mt Pandim and the surrounding mountains were clearly visible. 

I took a walk, freshened up at a near by stream and then sat down to finish my sketch. It was a beautiful morning; a cup of tea and some sketching made it perfect. 

This day involved a short trek of less than two hours. Therefore, nobody was in a hurry. By the time we finished our breakfast and got ready, it was 10AM. 

When we were walking towards Lamuney, it began to snow. After hailstorm, it was now time for some snowfall. By the time we reached the campsite at 11:30AM, Ram had pitched the tents for us. It began to snow heavily so, we got into the tent immediately. Ram told us that he would serve us food at the tent. It was snowing continuously. The accumulated snow on our tents had to be occasionally brushed away. Abhishek and Ram got us Soup and pasta for lunch. 

After lunch, there wasn't much to do as it continued to snow outside. Therefore, I finished another sketch. 

To be honest, I felt homesick here. It had been 5 days and we were still to reach Goecha La peak. This was the longest trek I had been on. I remember joking about this to Divyesh and imitating “Mujhe ghar jana hai” (I want to go home) dialogue from the movie Raazi. This often happens to me. There is a time during my travel when I feel homesick and from the very next moment, my mind begins to adjust to the new routine (or the lack of it), and in few days I would be perhaps saying - Mujhe ghar nahi jana hai. (I do not want to go back).  

At around 3PM, when I noticed that the snowfall had stopped, I stepped out and was shocked to see the breath-taking view from the campsite. Everything around was coated with white and we were at the base of Mt.Pandim. 

Outside the tent I met Trideshwar from Group B. We had spoken earlier that day at Thansing. He is one of the most calm and composed person I have met on this trek. We helped each other take some pictures in front of this magnificent view. I had to drag others out of the tent to witness it.  

When it got dark, we got back into the tents. Dinner was served early that evening. We had to wake up at 2:30AM in the morning and leave the camp by 3:00 AM. Divyesh had already decided not to continue any further as he dislikes trekking in snow and the cold weather. Knowing him, I did not make an attempt to change his mind. He is here for a change, more than for the trek, and I understand that very well. 

I looked forward to the next day's trek. Finally, we would be at Goecha La View point. 

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