Devaramane Betta

I Continue From here - Ettina Bhuja

In the evening, we had coffee and Mangalore buns at hotel Sri Ganesh Prasad and drove to Devaramane betta. Devaramane betta is a small hill, located 23km away from Mudigere town. It is a popular sunset view point. When we reached, there were enough people already. There are several small hills near the parking area. We climbed a few of them and managed to find a good spot to view the sunset. 

The sun set behind the hills and the clouds began to enter the valley and move towards us. It was a beautiful sight. We sat there for a while enjoying the view before retuning to the base.

We took a different route downhill to directly reach Sri Kala Bhairaveshwara Swami temple at the base. 

The temple was built by the Cholas around 1000 years ago. The priest offered archana and distributed the Prasada. He also enquired about our background. 

We drove back to town and had a grand dinner at a local dhaba. The food was okay. At town centre, the shops were closing for the day. We stopped at a local bakery to finish our meal with a dessert - an ice cream.