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Kedarkantha Trek Day 04


When I woke up at around 7AM, the others were still asleep. I had some black tea and freshened up. Abhishek had made a portrait of Prakash the previous evening, he quickly made another of Chauhan Ji. We called them over and he gifted its art to the guides who seemed touched by the gesture. 

Piyush gifted me one of his works - A sketch book with his artwork screen printed on its cover. 

Prakash’s brother came over to meet us. He spoke to us about the busy schedule and how everyone wanted to make the most of this season. They had literally no other income for the rest of the year. 

By the time we got ready, it was 10AM. We thanked our guides and left Sankri. On our way, we stopped the vehicle by the banks of Tons river.

Piyush, Abhishek, Nitin, Divya B and Shweta got off at Mussoorie. After dropping off Divya S close to her lodge, we drove to Delhi railway station. From there,  I took a shared auto to my hostel. 

At the hostel, I met Rahul, a trekker from Belagavi whom I had met a few days ago at the same hostel, before we went on our respective treks. He had contacted me earlier as they were arranging a small party that night to celebrate the New year. We walked to have some local snacks - Bun Tikki and Lowki Momos.

Back at the hostel, I met Rahul's friend Venkat, Hari from Kerala and Shubam from Maharastra. We chatted till almost 3:30 AM. It was a good gathering and we touched upon various interesting topics. Oh yes! we were now officially in 2022. 

Next morning, Rahul and I had our breakfast at a South Indian restaurant just outside our hostel. After almost ten days, idlis and Dosas tasted like heaven. During our conversation, Rahul told me that this trek had totally changed his perspective towards life. He had met interesting people from various backgrounds and realised that the purpose of life is not only to get into a good company and earn loads of money. Life was beyond such materialistic desires. I literally saw this change as I had met him before the trek as well. It was very interesting to see this transformation in him and I could understand that change in him because, every time I travel or trek, I learn something new about myself or come up with some new realisation about life. 

We got ready and hurried to Paltan Bazaar. I had to help Rahul find some gift for his mother. After a lot of scouting, we finally decided to buy a sweater and a stole for her. He also bought a muffler. 

We headed back to the hostel, as Venkat and he had to leave to the airport that afternoon. While Rahul was getting ready, Venkat and I had great conversation about life in general. We discussed how one important incident in our life can change the way we look at things. He shared his story and it was relatable because, I had gone through a similar transformation. It was sad to see them leave when the conversations were getting really deeper and interesting. But I shall meet them again at some stage of life; perhaps on a trek! 

After they left, I got ready and headed to Buffet shop. I had veg burger, bread roll and cold coffee. They were delicious. I was exhausted due to a sleepless night but I had shopping to do. At Paltan bazaar I bought a few stoles for my wife, sister and mother. I also bought a woollen shawl for myself before returning back to the hostel. 

At the hostel, I met a Kannadiga from Hyderabad. He wanted to try the local food, so we decided to step out for dinner. After a long and tiring day, I came back to my room and hit the bed almost immediately. 

Next morning, when I woke up, most of the dorm mates had left. Many were beginning their treks that day. I got ready and packed my bags before leaving the hostel at around noon. This was yet another amazing experience. The views were undoubtedly spectacular but what made this journey special, were the people I had met. Travel does bring out the best in all of us and I was fortunate to meet a very interesting set up people during this trip. Many have stayed in touch and we hope to trek together again.