Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek Day 04

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek Day 03

Day 03 - 14-Oct-2021

Route - Gairoli Pathal to Wan Village

Distance - 12 KM

Morning, when I woke up, I noticed that there was one more single occupancy tent next to ours. A young man was recording a video for his vlog. As we got introduced, I learnt that he had ridden his scooter to Wan village and trekked to Gairoli Pathal. He had reached late last night and therefore, we had not met him then. He was super enthusiastic and hyperactive. He had carried it all with him - A tent, a stove, oats, a pressure cooker, rice and Dhal, apart from other essentials. He wanted to go on the Roopkund trail and return in a day. Though difficult, it is not impossible. He cooked some oats for breakfast and kichdi for lunch and packed his bag to begin his long trek. Some of us offered him energy bars and chocolates for the journey. 

The group of Bangalore engineers who had trekked with us, wanted to leave at around 6AM. They wanted to reach Lohajung by noon and leave for Rishikesh immediately. Our group was in no hurry. We were prepared to spend the night at Lohajung. After they left, we got ready, had breakfast left by around 9AM. 

The last part of this trek was a bit boring for me as it passed by the forest. There wasn’t much of a view. However, I did gather a few amazing plants from the forests, that I plan to carry back home. I also found the double Maiden braid plant that I had been looking for. 

We stopped at Neel Ganga river for lunch. We were served flavoured rice. I also enjoyed some Bhakri that Divyesh’s grandmother had prepared. 

On our way, one of the staffes talked to me about the Bhuras flower tea which is popular here. Also about the root of a plant called Ketki which has medicinal qualities. These are often collected and sold to make Aurvedic medicines. We also tried some pahadi imli (Tamarind). 

We reached Wan village by 3 PM. We stopped there for some coffee before taking the jeep to Lohajung. 

I went out to a nearby grocery store and bought some pahadi Rajma. Dinner was served at 8PM. The cook wanted to make some chicken, but we were in the middle of Dasara festival, none of them wanted to eat. I enjoyed my last meal on this trek lavishly. I thanked Munna bhai for his delicious food. I am touched by the generosity and modesty of these villagers. Even as I praised the guide and the cook for their help, they asked us to forgive them if something had gone against our expectation. 

After that good meal, all that remained was to put my tiring body to a good sleep. As I went to bed, the visuals of the majestic snow capped mountains and the vast meadows filled my eyes. The sleep that night was satisfactory. 

Checkout my video on this trekking experience - 

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  1. Glad you took the time and did not rush. Thanks for the 19 minute video clip. Enjoyed watching it. Looks like you had rajma for almost every lunch and dinner. Coming back to Bangalore you must have been tired of rajma for a few weeks/months.

    1. Thanks SG. Hahaha. No, we had Rajma for just one meal in 4 days. I wonder where you gathered that information from 😃. But even if it was served for every meal, I wouldn’t complain. I love them. And therefore I carried back two Kgs of Pahadi rajma back with me.

    2. I stand corrected. It was only one Day 1. I must have been drunk. HeHeHe


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