Raigad Fort and Shivthar Ghal

From Andarbhan, we drove to Raigad fort. On our way, we stopped at a restaurant that serves authentic Maharashtrian cuisine. I ordered a special thali. Needless to say that it was colourful and delicious. 

At Raigad, we took the cable car to reach the top. We have been here before, therefore, we explored the place on our own this time. We walked past the main palace, to durbar where the coronation of Shivaji happened and to Jagdishwar temple. You can read the details on Raigad fort on my previous post - Raigad Fort. 

After that, we drove to Shivtharghal. We had stayed in this bungalow last time had loved our stay. But, that was during monsoon and the waterfall was roaring. Dry season seemed rather dull. Even the ashram seemed to lack activity like before. Perhaps it was the covid effect. You can read about my previous experience here - Shivathar Ghal.  

We had some kichidi for dinner and went to bed. Next morning, I walked up to the ashram. I took the stairs behind the Ashram that leads to a village on the summit. There is another small temple there. 

After breakfast, we began our journey back to Mumbai. It was a good 3-day trip with Mulshi lake and Andharbhan trek being the highlight.