Huay Xai and the Slow boat

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A Very Slow Boat

You can go from Luang Namtha directly to Luang Prabang by bus. But, I chose to take the slow boat on Mekong river from Huay Xai. This is a small town near the Thailand-Laos border. 

I reached Huay Xai by afternoon. After some searching, I came across this beautiful house that was offering stay. It is called “2 sisters guesthouse”. However, during my stay I only met one old woman. I am not sure if the other sister lives in the same house or not.

I walked to the river bank around sunset. I also booked my slow boat ticket in one of the offices by the river bank. I walked to the town centre which has a few Banh Mi stalls. 

Next morning, I checkout out and headed to the river. On my way, I packed two Banh Mis for lunch. The boat was packed with travellers. Our luggages were dumped in a compartment under the wooden floor of the boat. 

Slow boat, as the name indicates, is terribly slow. After a little while of excitement, I did not know what to else to do with my time. The views of course were great. 

At around 5pm we reached the town of Pakbeng. We spent the night there. I walked along the main street looking for a place to stay. The street is filled with guesthouses and restaurants. The online booking amount was very expensive. When I enquired and bargained a little, I got a very good deal. I stayed in a private room for the cost of a dorm bed. The guest house was super cool.


Apart from walking to the dock or taking a stroll along the main road, there really isn't much to do here. I had dinner at a Laotian restaurant. I tried an authentic Laotian curry made of aubergine. It was served with rice. It was delicious. 

Next morning, at around 8:30AM, we left Pakbeng and continued our journey. The views were amazing. 

At around 5 PM we reached Luang Prabang. So, I had spent 2 full days in a slow boat. I felt that it was a bit too much but this was a one-time experience. It was therefore interesting in a certain way. I am not sure if I would do something like this again though. 


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