Kudremukh Trek

On Friday, the 10th of January, Satadal, Mir and I met at Sugama bus station near Majestic, Bangalore. Sugama transport runs a bus every night to Kalasa town. You can also ride the KSRTC Volvo bus to Kalasa. At Kalasa, the homestay had arranged a jeep to pick us up. This is my 4th visit to the place. Manju, the jeep driver is now more than an acquaintance. 

Rajjapa’s house in Mullodi is a familiar place to me now. For more details on the homestay and charges, please refer to my previous posts on Kudremukh Trek and Bavikinda and Kallchikki Trek 

We freshened up and got ready for the trek. Kudremukh is a mountain range located in Chikamagalur district of Karnataka. A 10 km long trail begins at Mullodi village, just behind Rajjapa’s house and leads up to Kudremukh peak (1892m). Many houses in the Mullodi village now offer stay for trekkers and might be cheaper options. You will be able to locate a few on google. They can also arrange for the permissions required for this trek. 

At around 9AM, the three of us and a guide began our trek up the mountain. This 4 hour long trail is a moderate to difficult level trek. Moderate, if you are a seasoned trekker and difficult if you are a beginner. 

Last time, I had done the Kudremukh trek during the Monsoons and it was a very different experience. We had spotted a few sambar deers but also received a lot of cloud at the summit that blocked our view. The dry season has its own charm. Clear skies and burnt look of the grassland and forest welcomed us. There were a few other groups trekking on that day. It was a good hike - tiring but fulfilling as we got great views from the top. 

We had our meal at the summit and began our journey back. One of the best things about trekking in dry season is that you do not encounter the leaches. The blood-sucking leaches during monsoon are a menace.

Back at Rajjapa’s homestay, we spent the rest of the evening relaxing. Pakoda and tea were served. A campfire was set and we had a good conversation with another group of three youngsters who were on a road trip along South Canara. 

Next morning, we went to Somawathi waterfall near the homestay and had a good shower. This is one of my favourite things to do in this trip. 

After breakfast, the young men dropped us till Kalasa in their car. From Kalasa, we took a local bus till Kottegerah cross. From here, you will find several buses plying to Bangalore. Kottegerah junction is also famous for Mangalore style Neer dosa. Many shops by the main road sell Neer dosa. Try some before returning to Bangalore. 

Checkout my video on this trekking experience -