Belur and Shravanbelagola

My niece Deeksha was in town. I wanted to take her on a heritage trip to give her some insight on the culture and history of her home state. On Monday, the morning of 30th December 2019, we drove to Belur. 

I have been to Belur several times but I never get tired of admiring this work of art. I hired a guide who could better explain the story behind each and every sculpture in the temple. It is truly fascinating. If you ever visit Belur temple, do not hesitate to hire a guide. Believe me, you will not repent having spent that extra Rs 300. Deeksha was left impressed by the narration and story behind these marvellous creations. 

There was a school trip to the temple that day, so the temple was filled with kids and activity. 

We had the free food offered by the temple management. The food is served in the bhojanalaya just outside the temple complex. 

Next, we headed to Shravanbelagola. Gomateshwara aka Bahubali is the first of Jain thirthankaras (Spiritual teacher). He is said to have meditated motionless for a year in a standing posture and that during this time, climbing plants grew around his legs. After his one year of meditation, Bahubali is said to have attained omniscience. 

After a good climb up the hill, till the temple, we sat outside the main shrine for a bit. At the base, we tasted some Kachori and had some snacks before returning back to Bangalore. During meal time, you could also try some of the Jain bhojanalayas here which serve tasty meals for reasonable price.