Venugopala - The Process

A few days ago, when I had traveled to Surathkal, my primary school art teacher requested me to paint something for an event she was organising in memory of art Guru, P P Karanth. She wanted some of her and Karanth sir's students to make paintings during the two-day workshop she was arranging for the school kids. I was immediately tempted to be in someway part of this event as it was in memory of one my most adored teachers. I have written about him in the earlier Post . Since I was unable to attend the workshop, I decided to donate a painting.

I picked, one of sir's sketches and of course, as per his teachings, recreated it in my own style. I chose to paint Venugopala - Krishna as a Shepherd with a flute in hand. Here is my process. It is often the detailing that is the most interesting but also time consuming part of a painting process. As always, I truly enjoyed this process.