A New Year!

End of the year had arrived and I could not help noticing how eventful this year has been. On 31st, Seb and I decided to go to Denver while Jonah preferred going to Church. We left at around 12:30 PM. While approaching Denver we took a random exit and landed near a lake. The lake was not very neat but the mist and the weather made everything look pretty.

After a few pictures were clicked, we went to the 16th street. We found a parking slot close to the end of 16th street and began to walk around. The street was beautifully lit but was surprisingly deserted. It was here that being followed by a not so normally behaving homeless man freaked us out. 

After a small walk and disappointed by the emptiness of the place we decided to watch a movie called – Phantom of the opera. It was an interesting musical.

At 9:00PM, when we stepped out of the theatre, we were totally surprised to see the crowd on the 16th street. It was a very beautiful site. There was music and drums and singing all around. I was all excited and walking on the street was an awesome experience. 

Fighting my way through the crowd in a bar, I bought a pint of beer to blend myself with the surrounding. A bunch of musicians playing drums and the spectators began to dance (Mostly Hip-hop) for the same. The whole place was so lively. 

Later that night at 12:00, we watched the spectacular fireworks.

By the time we reached home it was 2:30AM and I was still in no mood to go to bed. The euphoria from the streets of Denver was still singing in my mind. I-25 was decently crowded even at this late hour and many people from COS were returning back home. I enjoyed my usual fun of lane changes and overtake and as I watched the side mirror, I noticed a fleet of cars do the same. Sight of cars switching lanes on an interstate is always a fascinating view for me.

So thus my first full car drive had ended with lot of excitement. I was already addicted to driving and I was sure there would be more exciting drives to come.

The next day, at around 10:30, all three of us left home to visit Bishop castle. This place was suggested by our new receptionist Carol, who thought this, would be a cool place to visit.

The drive was very interesting, especially the last stretch up the mountains as the roads where not in good condition due to snow. Driving so long in snow was a little too tiring but overall it was a great drive.

Built by Jim Bishop who bought 2.5 acres of land as a boy for $15 several years ago, this castle now stands as a great work of art and creativity. I personally liked how it was constructed using the stones around the area and how creative it had got to be over the process with dragon like chimney, stained glasses and towers. We had a good time exploring this place. We climbed to the top but cold wind kept us from staying there for long. Seb and I had no jackets on either and other tourists were surprised to see us so in mid-winter season. I think it was the humid Mangalore and Kerala weather that had prepared us.

In the end, it was two days, well spent. And craze to drive was seeping into me!