Gingee Fort - Krishnagiri

Gingee is a small town located 35kms away from Tiruvannamalai, in the direction of Chennai. The fortification of Gingee or Senji runs in a triangular form over three prominent hillocks - Rajagiri, Krishnagiri (Queen fort) and Chakklidurg (Or Chandrayandurga). During my previous visit, I had trekked the Rajagiri fort. So this time, I decided to trek the Krishnagiri fort. It is an easy and quick climb. I am glad that this fort is well protected by armed guards and hence it is safe to trek here. Unfortunately, this is a need even today. In olden days,  people feared foreign conquerors, but today, we fear muggers and rogues. 

The monuments at the summit of the Queen’s fort are amazing works of architecture left behind for us to explore and admire. Instead, it is saddening to see that some of our citizens convert such heritage sites that merit respect, into a venue to satisfy their lust. Moreover, as if it wasn’t damaged enough in the past by the attackers, today, the visitors carelessly ruin it further by declaring their infatuations in the form of graffiti. Apart from that nuisance, everything else about this place is simply amazing!

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