Loosing Myself

Last weekend was creative and productive. I completely surrendered myself to art and as a result felt as light as the feather I have created. 

The last few months had been hectic, eventful and emotional. I was badly in need of a pause. I did not wish to think about anything or anyone. It was time to concentrate and restate my plans and priorities. I had to give more time for myself! And my hobbies have always been the path that can easily lead me to the zero state; to clear up my mind of all thoughts and enable it for a fresh start. 

Every journey that I take,  every art that I create, every story that I write and every book that I read changes my perspective towards life and I believe that they eventually transform me into a better person. It is when I am not doing any of these that I feel the negativity that dominates the atmosphere, slowly creep in. Hence, this painting marathon that I undertook last weekend was a liberating experience. By loosing myself in my art, I found myself again!

(* I am taking an indefinite break from Blogging. I will return, but I am not sure when!)


  1. Bonjour,

    Un bien joli billet ! merci pour ce partage.

    J'aime particulièrement ce petit colibri dans l'ampoule électrique...

    Bisous 🌸

  2. Bonjour Martin Alison, Oui, oui, Ça fait nous penser, n'est pas?


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