Turahalli & Omkara Hills

On the 5th Of August, I traced my favourite Bicycle route again. Beginning the ride at 5 AM from my house, I headed towards Turahalli forest, off Kanakapura Road. It remains my favourite place in Bangalore to view the sun rise. There has been some changes to this place now though. The place has been fenced and any type of adventure sports is now prohibited.

After relaxing at the summit of a small hill for a while, I took the trail to the other side of the forest. This is a shortcut to the village on the other side and connects to the road to Omkara hills. 

At Omkara hills, young Vedic students were chanting Stotras. Here, I took a break to eat some tasty Theplas that I had packed and after which, I headed back. 

Bicycling time - 3 Hours for 27kms


  1. That temple looks great

  2. Let me know when you decide to take this route again. Will join you.
    I love that bike.


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