Tikona Fort

Next morning, Ganesh Bhai, Deeksha and I woke up early and left the farmhouse at around 7 AM. We directly drove to the starting point of the trek to Tikona fort and became the first ones to be there. Intermittent rainfall did not seem to bother us much. After all, the view was spectacular and the air was fresh. It was an enjoyable trek. I think, I shall let the pictures speak for itself.

At the last leg of the trek, slippery staircases and steep climbs made the hike seem challenging  Thankfully, ropes tied to the walls aided the climb. 

At the summit, it was just us and two other small groups. Drifting clouds seemed to play hide and seek with us, constantly covering and uncovering the view below. 

During our descend, we came across several people who were making their way up the hill. It was a pleasure to meet Jyo, with whom I had been on a trek, the previous year (Ratnagad to Harishchandragad). She is now a trek lead with the group that had organised that trek. Thats great!

After breakfast, we decided to head back to Mumbai early to avoid the traffic. We stopped near Lohgad for some Bhakri lunch before heading back to Panvel. 

Trek Video -


  1. Pictures are just spectacular!

  2. Wow, the pictures look amazing, Ajeya! I am sure the trek also was.


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