Hand Painted T-Shirts

The idea of painting a T-shirt occurred to me first in 2014, while I was walking by the Kovalam beach. Among several shops by the shore, there was this small outlet filled with hand painted T-shirts. In the middle of the store, sat the artist, immersed in his work, oblivious to the window-shoppers. The idea of painting my own T-shirts seemed fascinating. But then, as usual, I procrastinated its execution for a long time. But, once things are on my To-Do list, no matter how long it takes, it is always executed. So, finally, I managed to gather some confidence to experiment on some, not so expensive T-shirts. I chose to paint with Artist Acrylic paint. 

At first, I tried the multi-layered Tree; a technique with Filbert brush that I have learnt recently from a Youtube video. 

Then it was time to try something more. How about a Minion?

And later, it was time to get a bit more creative and create something original. Splash!