Bedse Caves

I was in Mumbai a few weeks ago. On a weekend, along with my sister, my niece and a friend of ours, I drove to Tikona. The day had to start by tasting some delicacies at the famous Datta chats in Panvel. It would be a sin to return without tasting these dishes in Mumbai -


Misal Pav

Kothambri Vada

Khanda Poha


The monsoon had painted the Sahyadris all green and one breathed freshness in all direction. Every year, I try not to miss this nature’s work of art. 

On our way, we stopped at Bedse caves. A short walk of 20-30 minutes from the car park will take you to this magnificent Bhuddist caves built around 1st century BC. 

At the base, we stopped for some quick tea and pakoda at a Tapri, it was an idyllic setting out there. 

Later, we drove the farmhouse - Sadabahar moments in Mulshi district. It was already 2 PM when we reached there so we headed directly to have some much needed lunch - Bhakri, Junnka and fried eggplant dish. 

After lunch, we played snooker and took a short nap before heading to the Sai Baba temple. It seemed appropriate to join the devotees in ending the day with prayers.