On the 12th Of June, at 6AM, I took a KSRTC bus to Tiruvannamalai. As soon as I boarded the bus, there was a fight between a Tamilnadu bus driver and that of ours over who should take which spot at the bus stand. I realised how insignificant these issues are and yet we continue to separate ourselves in the name of languages we speak, cultures we represent and the religions we follow. Is it so difficult for us to see that even with the risk of loosing some diversity, a common approach to life for all humans is the way to establish a peaceful world? Perhaps, we are heading towards that. We will have to! if we want to be in the game!

I reached my destination at 10:30AM. I visited the Annamalaiyar temple first. Being a weekday, it was considerably free and I got a quick Darshan

I took my friend’s suggestion and headed to Ramana maharishi Ashram to stay there instead of booking a hotel in the crowded and noisy city. Ramana maharishi ashram is located 6kms away from the town center. I found a good hotel opposite ashram. After lunch, I went to the ashram and hiked up to Skandashramam - Ramana Maharishi’s house and Virupaksha caves where he is said to have meditated. Since this was a weekday, there were very few people around and except for a few beggars bothering you for money or food,  it was a pleasurable walk.

One could also climb up the mountain - Mount Arunachala but since it was already 3PM, I decided to do that next time. I went half way up the mountain and then returned. 

The evening was well spent at the ashram, along with the devotees, listening to the Bhajans and prayers. I had a delicious meal offered at the Ashram before ending a long but interesting day.