Pasta with Carrot sauce & Potato-Basil Rice

I enjoy cooking. A well made dish, is no less than a work of art. I ate pasta with Carrot sauce recently so, I decided to try that.

Ingredients and Process - 

Boil sliced carrots. Fry chopped onion, garlic and tomatoes. Blend them all with few soaked cashew nuts, some basil leaves, pepper powder and salt. Add cream/milk to make a paste. 

Fry Capsicum, Broccoli and any other vegetable that you like.

Add the blend and cook well. 

Add milk to form a nice sauce. 

Add prepped Pasta and mix well. 

On the same day, for dinner, I tried my signature dish- Potato-Basil rice. I love it! the fresh basil from the garden makes this dish delicious. 

Ingredients & Process - Fry sliced potatoes in oil along with some Jeera. 

Add Turmeric powder and Chilly powder. 

Next, add chopped Basil leaves and cook them until they are soft. 

Mix boiled rice and add salt per taste. Simple, isn’t it?