On A Painting Spree

With a lot of time in hand, I decided to finish my long pending surrealistic painting. 

One night, I had a dream. I was standing in my balcony admiring this beautiful plant, in which grew several vegetables. Beneath the plant, a rock slowly began to transform itself into a sculpture of reclining Buddha. Few months later, in December 2015, when I traveled to Sri Lanka, at Polunnaruwa, I saw a similar sculpture. Inspired by this coincidence, I returned back to start a painting to depict my dream. However, I abandoned it midway. 

Now, two years later, I picked it up again. I am in much more peaceful state now, to paint. Hence Parinirvana was completed.

I planned to dedicate two continuous days, to go on a painting spree and create 3 works. Here they are - 

Imagine - White ink on Paper. 

And two acrylic paintings inspired by the youtube artists I follow.

Fall - Acrylic on Handmade Paper.

Loner - Acrylic on Canvas.

VoilĂ !