On Friday, the 7th of April, I drove to Suratkal. I always love my solo driving trips to my hometown. I stopped at A2B near Channarayapatna for some snacks before continuing the journey to Hassan and taking a deviation to Belur. Since the roads at Shiradi ghat were under construction, I had to take the Charmadi ghat. The roads looked haunted. 

I stopped at Kotegehara cross to try some neer dosa. Every shop at this place sells neer dosa. 

Soon after that food stop, I began descending Charmadi ghat. The road ahead was covered in mist and it was a challenge to drive down the mountains with reduced visibility. 

At home, I spent quality time talking to my parents, walking around our little farm and enjoying the delicious food prepared by my mother. 

 Dosa and Jackfruit Sambhar

 Shemmey Dadde (Rice Noodles)

Brahmin's Chicken 65 - Jackfruit Poddi

In the evening, I went to the beach to watch the sunset. It was a normal day at the beach, with locals playing with the waves and fishermen at work. 

On Sunday, I visited one of our family friends to collect compost for my plants. She owns 8 dogs and they are adorable. I immensely enjoyed playing with them. Previous day, one of the  German shepherds had given birth to three lovely puppies. 

I drove back to Bangalore on Sunday evening with one of my colleagues via Charmadi ghat.  We stopped at the view point to witness the sunset. 

This drive to Suratkal was different. The recent decisions that I had made about my career had lightened my mind and I was not preoccupied with any thoughts or stress. Thus, this trip to my home was the most pleasurable one. I do not recollect ever having experienced something similar before.