Hulukadi Betta

Hullukadi Betta is located 75kms from Yellodu, in the direction of Bangalore. It is situated close to Doddabalapura. Google maps misled us and directed us to take some pathetic routes that only exist on maps. I had to drive carefully so as to not fall into a ditch. We finally made it to the Hullukadi betta at around 5:30PM. It was almost close to sunset and so, we raced up the stairs.

Believe me, this turned out to be an incredible experience. There was nobody except us at the summit of Hullukadi Betta and we witnessed sunset and moonrise. It was an exciting feeling to be up there and watch the sky slowly turn dark after a display of vibrant colours.

Mir and I decided to explore the hill a bit and tried to find our way up the boulders behind the temple. But we could not find a trail. Since it was getting dark, we gave up and decided to return. 

The moon was bright and the sky was lit by several stars. Trekking Hulukadi Betta seemed like a perfect end to this amazing day filled with three interesting treks. We were exhausted by the time we returned but it was a rewarding experience. Every moment of this day was exciting.

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