Someshwara Temple, Ulsoor

Since a long time, I had been wanting to visit the Someshwara temple at Ulsoor that is built by the Cholas. However, the thought of getting there by beating the horrendous Bangalore traffic always resulted in procrastination of this trip. But with the Metro rail running in full swing, things have been different. On Saturdays, I take the Metro to my French class and it is much easier than driving through the busy traffic. So, when I figured out that there is a Metro station very close to the temple, I decided to finally make this trip. The temple is right behind the Ulsoor Metro station. 

The temple architecture is magnificent. It is pleasantly surprising to see this piece of heritage stand tall midst the concrete jungle. 

We took the Metro back to Jayanagar 7th Block  and had lunch at Prems Grama Bhojana. The food was delicious. The speciality here is that they do not serve rice, instead, they serve raagi and different millets; which is a trend in Bangalore these days. 


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