Old Town, San Diego

Before crossing the border to Mexico, I had an afternoon to spend at San Diego. I flew in to San Diego at around noon on a Sunday (13-Aug). One of my colleagues Prasad had suggested me to stay at Old Town, San Diego. He believed that I would like it out there and he was right. 

Old town is a neat place. My hotel was at a walkable distance from the Historic park that accommodates some old buildings, houses and museums. The entire feel of the place was very festive out there. There were a lot of street stalls selling artefacts mostly from Mexico, there were caf├ęs and restaurants playing live Mexican music. There were candy shops making candies like in the olden days, there were music performances and lots and lots of food. It was like a permanent carnival out there. 

I truly loved walking around the streets of old town. Here are some pictures. I would highly recommend people to spend some time there while in San Diego. 


  1. Thanks for the beautiful photos. Sand Diego Old Town?


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