Indiana State Fair

On the 5th of August, a day after I landed in the US, KC, Avinash and I spent the first half of the day shopping at the factory outlet mall in Edinburgh. There are always some clearance sales that attracts many visitors here. I obviously had a great time shopping. 

In the afternoon, we drove to the Indiana state fair. Jin joined us there. We did not find parking, so we had to park on back alley for $10. 

The state fair was fun. We stopped to watch the cows from various farms on around the state. It was nice to see how nicely the animals were maintained.

There were a lot of other activities happening there - a pole vault game, a tap dance show by old women, an impressive exhibition of local art, fun rides and a music concert dedicated to the eagles. Lot of street food too. I tried some funnel cake. It was a lively atmosphere out there.