Sunday, August 27, 2017

Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis

On Sunday the 6th Of August, Avinash and I decided to go for a trek in Eagle creek park. We chose the 6 mile red trail. It was an easy trek with not much of a climb. Here is the eagle creek park map for your reference.

After paying the vehicle entry fee of $5 we parked our car at one o the park entries and began our trek. It felt really fresh and beautiful out there.

The best part of the trek was walking around the lake. A narrow path led us between two lakes and the sides of the trail was filled with wild flowers in full bloom. Here are some images of all the wild flowers we spotted during our trek.

The ornithologist centre was impressive. It has a small exhibit room and a viewing window to spot the birds. I particularly liked the peach coloured Northern cardinals and the indigo coloured bird called the indigo bunting that came by while we were there. 

What was surprising here was that unlike in Colorado, very few people actually trekked or jogged. Such beautiful outdoor areas seemed rather unused by the locals. So, if you are in Indianapolis, grab an eagle creek park map and explore this hidden treasure. 

Here is the film on this trek -

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